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The English Defence
by Dejan Bojkov
The English Defence (1…b6) is a less well-known weapon against White setups with 1.c4 and 2.d4. Black has a number of nice tricks and ideas at his disposal that can quickly dispatch an unprepared opponent.
1.e4 - How to tame the Alekhine, Scandinavian and Pirc
by Viktor Bologan
On this DVD, Victor Bologan shows how to successfully combat the Pirc, Alekhine and Scandinavian Defences with a complete opening repertoire. As ever, Bologan recommends the main lines.
English 1.c4 e5 for Black
by Viktor Bologan
"Occupy the centre!" Let GM Bologan show you move by move why 1...e5 against English (1.c4) is a rock solid and excellent choice.
Attacking with the Pirc
by Dejan Bojkov
No guts, no glory! With the Pirc Defence Black takes a bigger risk than usual, but in return may hope for higher dividends too. Let GM Bojkov show you how to optimize your chances.
Flank Attacks
by Valeri Lilov
Which wing should I be playing on? When do I need to watch for counterplay? Flank attacks are an important theme in every game. FM Lilov will teach you how to employ a range of techniques to perfection!
Power Play 18: The Sicilian Najdorf – a repertoire for Black
by Daniel King
Learn the opening of the masters from the world’s most popular master trainer! Daniel King shows you a rock-solid and powerful Najdorf repertoire.
Attacking with the Benko Gambit
by Alejandro Ramirez
Don’t give 1.d4 players an easy ride - sacrifice a pawn with 3.b5 for a lasting initiative. GM Ramirez shows you clear ideas for play in every variation.
How I became World Champion Vol.1 1973-1985
by Garry Kasparov
Garry Kasparov is the best player in the history of chess.
First Steps in Chess Strategy
by Andrew Martin