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Fritz Powerbook 2015
The current openings theory with 1,5 million games
Trends in modern openings
by Rustam Kasimdzhanov
This DVD helps you to remain up-to-date in a number of important and popular openings. Including the Najdorf Variation, Caro-Kann, the Berlin Defense, Ruy Lopez Main Line with 6.d3, Ruy Lopez with 3…g6, Scotch Opening, Petroff, Queen’s Gambit Declined wit
Fritz Powerbook 2015 Upgrade from Powerbook 2014
The current openings theory with 1,5 million games
Tactic Toolbox Grünfeld
by Michal Krasenkow
The most effective, timeproven way to develop tactical abilities, imagination, and the ability to calculate variations, is practice. The 69 exercises on this DVD are taken from grandmaster games and show tactical ideas that are typical for the Grünfeld.
ABC of the English Opening
by Lorin D'Costa
Success in the English is based upon understanding the plans and ideas available within this interesting opening. The games in this DVD will provide with exactly that-the armoury to play the English Opening as white with confidence!
Tactic Toolbox Scheveningen
by Lubomir Ftacnik
All players meeting the Sicilian with White or playing it with Black will be entertained, surprised and their knowledge enriched by spending moments with this selection of the best tactical positions.
The wicked Veresov Attack
by Andrew Martin
This DVD is an ideal introduction to this opening for players below 2000 or busy players who would like to play aggressive chess, but do not have time to learn the main lines. The Veresov is worth studying and playing!
Play the Pirc like a Grandmaster Vol. 2: Attacking lines
by Mihail Marin
The resulting positions are usually dynamic or double-edged and offer fairly balanced chances. The better tactician may win, but do not be dissappointed if the game ends in a spectacular and logical draw!
Play the Pirc like a Grandmaster Vol. 1: Positional lines
by Mihail Marin
In the positional systems White does not try to refute the Pirc from the very first moves, but aims for a long strategic battle to prove that his space advantage and better development will finally give him the better position.
The Modern Scotch Opening
by Parimarjan Negi
In this DVD, Parimarjan Negi looks at the latest revolution in Scotch theory that has completely changed white’s plans, and once again brought back the interest of the world’s elite.
The Sicilian Tajmanov-Scheveningen
by Alejandro Ramirez
The Sicilian has been known for decades as the most reliable way for Black to obtain an unbalanced but good position. Among the most popular Sicilians at the top level the two that certainly stand out are the Najdorf and the Paulsen.
Fighting against the Caro-Kann with the Advance Variation
by Viktor Bologan
The Caro-Kann Defence is one of the most solid replies for Black after 1.e4. Bologan's choice of the Advance Variation for White is because of the complex strategical play in which White has a long-term space advantage.
Najdorf Powerbook 2014
The Najdorf Powerbook 2014 is based on a totally incredible number of games: 1.6 million! The lion’s share is provided by the engine room on, with the addition of 87 000 games from human experts.
Crushing Isolated Queen’s Pawn Tactics
by Robert Ris
The aim of this DVD is to offer the viewer tactical exercises that also illustrate the attacking prospects within IQP positions. The content of the DVD emphasizes the importance of understanding this type of pawn structure.
Tactic Toolbox Najdorf
by Niclas Huschenbeth
The aim of this DVD is to demonstrate the typical tactical themes of the Sicilian Najdorf and to improve your understanding of them, as well as to practice them with the interactive examples.