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Deep Fritz 12 activation key
Languages: German German, English English, Spanish Spanish
€83.95 without VAT (for Customers outside the EU)
$116.14 (without VAT)
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To use your Deep Fritz 12 you need an activation key and an Internet connection.

Now Deep Fritz 12 is available for direct download, which means you can get the program very quickly, even if you live in a remote location and have long postal delivery times. It also allows you to try out the program before you actually purchase it. All of this is an interesting alternative to purchasing the DVD version.

The Deep Fritz 12 program and chess engine are exactly the same as the one you get on the DVD. Only the opening book and the database of games have been reduced in size, in order to keep download times reasonable. Details are given below.

You download Fritz 12 and start using it without an activation key. Some functions will be restricted, but you can get a feel for the operation of the program. An activation key will immediately restore all functions of the program and the chess engine.

Currently you can pay for an activation key for the Deep Fritz 12 download using credit card or PayPal.

Deep Fritz 12 specifications

  • Openings book by Alex Kure, with 1,497,114 positions, based on games with >2500 Elo and historical material.
  • Database: 87,758 games, Elo >2550 (= Strong Database from Powerbook 2010)
  • Three 3D boards (wood, elegant wood, modern)
  • Seven languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish)
  • One year Premium membership on Playchess.


Deep Fritz 12 products in comparison

Deep Fritz 12
Deep Fritz 12 DVD
Deep Fritz 12 Download
Openings book
4,247,961 positions
1,497,114 positions
Elo >2500 and historical games
1,546,900 games
87,758 games Elo >2550
(Strong Database from Powerbook 2010)
(classic wood, noble wood, modern)
German, English, French, Spanish,
Italian, Dutch, Polish
German, English, French, Spanish,
Italian, Dutch, Polish
Voice output Notation
English, German
Video training
Premium Subscription for

System requirements: Minimum: Pentium III 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3), DirectX9 graphics card with 256 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, Windows-Media Player 9, internet access(, updates and activation). Recommended: PC Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.4 GHz, 3 GB RAM, Windows Vista or Windows 7, DirectX10 graphics card (or compatible) with 512 MB RAM or more, 100% DirectX10 compatible sound card, Windows Media Player 11, DVD ROM drive and internet access (, updates and activation).

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