Ludwig 3 - the PC music program

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Ludwig 3 - the PC music program
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Ludwig makes music. Ludwig helps you compose. Ludwig arranges music for bands. Everything is simple with Ludwig: enter the melody, choose the form, the emotion and the style of music. Ludwig does all the rest: the chords, the accompaniment, the choice of instruments, the arrangement, the groove. You are the creative one, the software does the donkey work. Whether a beginner or a pro, anyone can compose complete songs with Ludwig. A few clicks and the song will be arranged for your own band. Or listen to classics in a fresh new style: with the help of Ludwig you can arrange well-known songs in a new way! Or perhaps you want to learn to play a new musical instrument? Or to learn how to improvise? It’s all dead simple with Ludwig. Making music is even more fun with Ludwig!

If you order Ludwig as a download, you'll get the activation code via e-mail!

What Ludwig 3 can do: 

  • Ludwig writes ready-made arrangements for tunes which you enter: pop, rock, jazz, country, choral, samba, hit tunes and even more. • Ludwig recognises the key, automatically comes up with chords and produces appropriate accompaniments to known tunes or to tunes you yourself enter.
  • Ludwig organises songs, melodies and texts running to several verses in a professional database.
  • Ludwig composes pieces at any level of difficulty you choose for guitar, flute, clarinet, violin, saxophone, etc.
  • Learn to improvise with Ludwig: enter a few chords and Ludwig will write jazz arrangements for combos and big-band.
  • Ludwig completely automatically produces readymade license-free compositions in various styles, for example for the sound track for a video.
  • Notes can also be entered via Midi-keyboard and Midi file import. • Interfaces: Midi-Out, Midi files, audio files (WAV, MP3) and XML format for exporting to professional notation programs.
  • Also in Ludwig 3 there are: 600 MB of improved instrumental sounds, new styles, a larger database of songs, better printing functions and much more.


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System requirements

System requirements: PC Windows7, Vista or XP. Minimum: 2GHz Pentium or AMD, 1 GB RAM, CD-ROM drive, sound card, 600MB of free hard disc space ( for sounds), internet access (activation and updates). Recommended: Dual Core with 2 GB RAM.

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