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27.459 games (played between August and October 2016)
Video training: In Lvov there are 21 grandmasters and they have a monthly meeting (Grandmasters Club), where training takes place and also where casual games are played in different formats. In his video Adrian Mikhalchishin shows you a Ruy Lopez game in which he defeated Anna Muzychuk with a Cozio Variation. Learn openings from the classics! Sagar Shah presents a game by Mikhail Botvinnik, which the latter won in 1941 against Boleslavsky. The principle – when exchanging a bishop accept that it will cost a weak pawn, but in return you will be aiming for superiority on the squares of the colour of precisely that bishop – is to be found nowadays in quite different openings. Andrew Martin takes as a starting point the book "World Championship Matches" (A. Schulz) for his presentation of perhaps the most important game of the Spassky-Fischer match, Reykjavik 1972. After two losses (though one of them by default) Fischer was already under pressure to be successful in the third game. And he solved his problem with a bravura performance. Our author adds to old analysis new discoveries arrived at with the help of engines.

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10月 2016
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