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Attacking Chess Volume 2

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ISBN: 3-937549-14-5
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Attacking chess – not only an important subject, but also a very important one. For the second part of his work on the attack, Jacob Aagaard has selected more instructive examples, which he has analysed and presented on camera. There are 12 files in Chess Media Format; these show typical attacking methods. In total there are more than three hours of top class video training on the CD. Video running time: 3h 10min

The Danish International Master Jacob Aagaard, 30, has already published a whole array of chess books, including the prize-winning “Excelling at chess”.
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The subjects of the lectures are as follows:

12 The indifference of the value of the pieces in the attack 1 23:37
13 The indifference of the value of the pieces in the attack 2 18:28
14 Evolution – Revolution 1 17:49
15 Evolution – Revolution 2 14:29
16 Drawing the king out into the open 13:05
17 Destruction of the king’s position 1 15:33
18 Destruction of the king’s position 2 11:41
19 Destruction of the king’s position 3 13:37
20 Destruction of the king’s position 4 15:16
21 Opening lines to the King 1 18:49
22 Opening lines to the King 2 11:45
23 Attack the weakest point in your opponent’s position 16:18

The CD is based on the new instructional Fritz8-Chess Media System: all the lectures are presented in their entirety with video pictures and synchronised chess graphics. There is no better way to explain chess. This is how chess training can be real fun!

Beispielvideo (3:40)

Systemvoraussetzungen: Pentium Prozessor 300 MHz oder besser, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Media Player 9.0, DVD-ROM Laufwerk, Maus, Soundkarte. Achtung: Dieser Kurs ist ein Zusatzprogramm für Fritz8 und kann nur benutzt werden, wenn das Schachprogramm „Fritz8" oder „Fritz8-WM Edition" (bzw. Shredder8, Tiger15, Hiarcs9, Junior 8 oder Nachfolgerversionen) auf dem PC installiert ist. Fritz8 bzw. Fritz8 WM-Edition ist nicht im Lieferumfang dieses Trainingskurses enthalten.

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