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200 Ducats

Languages: German, English, Spanish
Delivery: Download
Level: Any

The currency on the chess server Use it to play against grandmasters or to pay for private training. The amount will be credited to your account. Please allow one working day for processing. Ducats can only be used with a valid account on playchess (serial number entered). Ducats can also be used to buy ChessBase products.
Please note: To make sure that the Ducats are added to the correct account please order from your Fritz program. Menu ->Edit -> Payments –> Fill up account. Your user name is then passed to the shop.


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Deep Fritz 14 - English Version
Deep Fritz 14 - English Version
Completely rebuilt and strongly improved 64-bit engine. Optimized for Windows 7/8: full 64-bit program interface. Includes: Premium membership to (six months), access to „Let's Check“ with more than 200 million deeply analysed positions.