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1000x Checkmate

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In this extended update of the ChessBase mating course, Lubomir Ftacnik initiates you into the fine art of mating your opponent. In four videos the grandmaster explains typical mating patterns. At the same time, two small collections of material allow systematic assimilation of the subject of delivering mate. After that, it is all about answering the training questions in 1000 mating exercises. The positions are classified in different ways. The simplest of these differentiates between mate in 1, 2 or 3 moves. There is a methodological way of accessing the 1000 mating exercises via 15 main themes. These include themes such as back rank mate, smothered mate, the king in the centre or motifs involving the h-file. The systematic solving of exercises on specific themes may be a little easier but it will certainly help you when similar motifs crop up in your own games. Video running time: 60 minutes

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Without tactics all the best laid plans fall apart, and Lubomir Ftacnik himself reminds us that players all too often get caught up and lose sight of the most fundamental goal of chess: the checkmate. Checkmates revolve around repeated themes and this course will teach beginners and more how to achieve their goals.

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