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Essentially, the English Opening usually leads to reversed positions in which the first player enjoys the extra tempo. Then why not meet this 1.c4 move with 1…e5 and play the reversed Sicilian? Indeed, this is one of Black’s most reliable options, and one that leads to positions which are full of life. Practically all the top players have tried it in important tournament games, and some of them like S. Karjakin, V. Kramnik and V. Topalov even tend to give preference to such an approach. In this 60 Minutes video you will find a complete repertoire for the second player based on the move 1…e5 against White’s most popular approach - the Reversed Dragon setup. Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov uses very recent top GM games to highlight the trends in the line and to explain the ideas behind Black’s development.

Avancé Joueur de tournoi
avr. 2012
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