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questions and answers

  1. What are the advantages of digital products (downloads) compared to postal deliveries?
    • Speed: You can start the download immediately after completing your order and do not have to wait for your order to be delivered.
    • Security: In contrast to DVD orders, there is no risk that you will lose the purchased software. All items you have purchased will be permanently saved in your CB Shop account together with the activation codes.
    • Handling downloads is also very convenient. If you e.g. move to a new computer or want to buy a second system, log on the new system into the CB-Shop and simply perform the download again. In addition, all FritzTrainers and ChessBase magazines are installed by default in the ChessBase/Shop folder on your hard drive. Your ChessBase program automatically displays all articles under "Purchased data".
    • Sustainability: By choosing downloads, you reduce the production of DVDs and DVD packaging, as well as goods traffic.
    • Many notebooks no longer have a DVD drive.
    • The Mac installer is only available as a download!
  2. What are possible problems with credit card payments?

    The entry into force of the European Union's Payment Directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directment 2) at the end of 2019 made paying by credit card online safer but unfortunately also more complicated. Since then, many payments have to be confirmed twice - e.g. using tan and 3DS.

    There are exceptions for small sums, regular payments and / or trusted dealers (where you buy more often).

    Here is a list of possible errors, causes and solutions:

    • "Transaction declined by acquirer"
      • debit card - insufficient funds
      • credit card - expired, invalid or stolen
      • credit card - limit was violated (daily limit or similar)
      • payments in foreign currency or abroad are not permitted
      ➜ Please contact your bank / credit card company and have the payment approved.
      ➜ Please enter a new credit card and try again.
    • "3D-Secure authentication failed"
      • incorrect authentication - bank codes were transmitted incorrectly
      • authentication process canceled
      • error in authentication app
      • change of mobile number - you can't authenticate via mobile
      ➜ Please try to clarify the 3DS authentication process with your bank.
      ➜ Update your cell phone number in your bank's 3DS settings.
    • "Invalid action"
      • This is a very rare error, which usually only occurs after one of the errors mentioned above.
      ➜ If necessary, please enter a new credit card.
      ➜ Please start the ordering process again.
    • If you cannot solve the problems promptly, please consider paying with PayPal.