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ChessBase Magazine 152

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The chess year 2012 ended on a world record. Magnus Carlsen not only won the London Chess Classic with a fantastic result (five wins and three draws), but in doing so surpassed Kasparov’s Elo record of 1999. The Norwegian now heads the world ranking list with the new record rating of 2861. The tournament in London constitutes a major element in this edition, e.g. for the more than four hours of analysis by the players themselves in audio format.
The other two top tournaments in Tashkent and in Bucharest were also very close-run affairs. The FIDE Grand Prix even in the Usbek capital was won by the trio of Karjakin, Morozevich and Wang Hao all on the same score, and in the "Kings Tournament" in Romania Ivanchuk did not get the top spot till after his tiebreak with Topalov. The star authors on this DVD include Kramnik, Karjakin, Adams as well as the new women’s world champion Anna Ushenina.

Allemand, Anglais
Joueur de tournoi Professionnel
janv. 2013
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