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20.159 games played in October and December 2015

Video training:

  • Adrian Mikhalchishin’s subject is the early capture on c6 in the Paulsen System, a weapon which is becoming more and more popular and which opens up good prospects for White. In the game Nadanian-Grachev, Yerevan 2014, White’s plan worked.
  • Sergei Tiviakov shows how he defeated Pavel Eljanov in Montreal 2007. The grandmaster sacrificed a piece for two strong passed pawns and evaluated the consequences of his sacrifice better than his opponent. The “Game of the month” award on ChessPro.ru acknowledged Tiviakov’s performance.
  • Robert Ris presents the classic game Petrosian-Kortschnoj, candidates match 1977. White had prepared a nice idea and took the full point apparently effortlessly.
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