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Sicilian Accelerated Dragon Powerbook 2022

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The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon Powerbook was based on an elo average of at least 2400 (games from Mega and Corr Database) and 2300 (computer games). Thus 10,000 games from the Mega and from correspondence chess exceeded the Powerbook's input threshold, in addition to 81,000 games from the engine room of playchess.com. The Accelerated Dragon represents an attempt to avoid the disadvantages of the Dragon Variation. By bringing forward (accelerating!) Black's move ...g6, the dangerous white setup with the long castling (Yugoslavian variation in the kite) is avoided. Moreover, the Accelerated Dragon is quite easy to learn, because some typical manoeuvres appear again and again.

Allemand, Anglais
n'importe lequel
déc. 2022
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