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Sicilian Dragon Powerbase 2020

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The 730 selected annotated games offer excellent material for study. Top players such as Adhiban (1), Anand (2), Edouard (3), Gelfand (1); Kamsky (1), Motylev (1), Nielsen (2) and Tiviakov (9) have analysed their games with in addition annotations by Dragon experts like Dorian Rogozenco (288) and André Schulz (139) as well as other top level authors. There is a total of 4997 games with a rating average of at least 2500 (apart from games with annotations or played by Dragon experts Miso Cebalo, Sergei Tiviakov, Gawain Jones, Chris Ward, as well as games worth studying by strong correspondence chess players Michel Leqroc and Arild Haugen).

Système: Windows 7 ou supérieur
Publié:oct. 2020
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