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ChessBase is the chess database program that has become the standard worldwide. 35 years ago ChessBase invented the storage of chess games on the PC. Back then, people were amazed at 1,000 games on a floppy disk; today, databases with millions of chess games are handled by the program! Only with ChessBase can you, as a chess player, extract the essential information from these enormous collections of games.

Whether it is an individual opponent and tournament preparation, administration and analysis of one's own games, development of training material for self-study or for training groups, publication of games on the web or in print: ChessBase offers an incredible wealth of functions for all areas of study and playing levels.
Former German national coach GM Dorian Rogozenko: "ChessBase is a tool you simply have to have, no matter how strong you are and whether you want to get to the top or just play better."
Anyone who is seriously involved in chess, plays tournaments or simply wants to understand chess, needs ChessBase: Youth players, amateurs, tournament players, coaches, grandmasters, professional players.

What ChessBase can do:
Game management / search and filter function
Engine analysis
Reports and Statistics

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