Meeting the Alekhine - The classical way

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Napoleon used this defence to defeat Madame de Remusat in 1802 but it was the fourth world champion who actually gave birth to the line. Nowadays GMs like Bagirov, Varga, Baburin, Panchenko and Westerinen have contributed to the development of the line. Carlsen, Mamedyarov, Kamsky and Fischer have produced some model games for the second player, too. In the Alekhine Black temporarily concedes the centre and provokes the white pawns to occupy it and advance further. However, such a strategy is deceptive as the far advanced centre might be left without sufficient support and get demolished by the black pieces and pawns. Therefore some careful planning and preparation are recommended for the first player and this is the subject of GM Dejan’s Bojkov new product. Check how to meet the Alekhine the classical way with 4.Nf3 and enjoy some fresh ideas in the proposed lines in just an hour of your valuable time.

Advanced Tournament player
7月 2013
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