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There are various variations for White in the Reti Opening: Nf3 is obligatory, after which there are lines with g3 or b3, but a double fianchetto is also possible; in addition there is also quite frequently the move c4. To meet all these Reti variations Henrik Danielsen suggests a setup with ...d5 and ...c6, linked with an early development of the Bc8 – mostly to g4, but sometimes also to f5. It is clear that this setup is aimed above all at those who play the Slav, since in the early stages one must always bear in mind the possibility of d2-d4 and a transposition to that opening. In 8 videos of a total length of 60 minutes, the Icelandic grandmaster demonstrates many subtleties and tricks as well as moves that must absolutely be known.

Advanced Tournament player
7月 2013
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