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The popular Stonewall with f5, e6, d5 and c6 earned its name because in practice it turned out to be a legendary defensive weapon. But if you play the setup correctly (that means with ...b6, ...Bb7 etc.), you can also quickly become active. Leonid Kritz presents the relevant variations from the point of view of Black. In 5 videos with over 60 minutes running time, the German grandmaster reveals to you the way to set up your pieces correctly so that you can trot out the Stonewall on your board practically without any great knowledge of theory. Despite that it is of course useful to learn a little specific theory and in order to give Stonewall players a complete repertoire, Kritz deals, as well as with the main lines with Nh3 and Nf3 and b3, also with systems without g3 as well as the aggressive Staunton Gambit.

Tournament player Professional
7月 2013
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