What strengths distinguished Bobby Fischer from all other players of his time? Which strategic concept of Mihail Tal still has an effect on modern chess today? The ChessBase grandmaster team shows you, in a practical way, what is important for your own games.
In the "Masterclass" series, all the different facets of great player personalities of chess history and current world-class players are presented: opening repertoire, playing style or endgame understanding. Starting with the first German world chess champion Emanuel Lasker, through the legendary Bobby Fischer and perhaps the strongest chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov, to the current world champion Magnus Carlsen, 13 editions have been published so far.

Prominent title holders analyse opening styles and repertoire development, strategic masterpieces, groundbreaking endgame manoeuvres and exemplary combinations, in video format. This highly competent team includes classics experts GM Dorian Rogozenko and GM Mihail Marin, the internationally renowned endgame theorist grandmaster Dr Karsten Müller, as well as grandmaster Yannick Pelletier, grandmaster Niclas Huschenbeth and former Bundesliga player and tactics expert IM Oliver Reeh.

In addition to the 5-8 hours of ChessMedia videos by the expert team, each Masterclass edition contains further high-quality training material: a complete collection of games, tables, a short biography, the opening repertoire as a variant tree and additional extras, such as tactical exercises from the master's games.

This is how it works:
The trainers explain the ideas of the masters to you in videos that run in a partial window on the screen. At the same time the moves and variations are executed on the main chess board. This symbiosis of game presentation and expert analysis in picture and sound is the ideal medium for every chess player to understand complex contexts. ChessBase introduced this technology as early as 2004; in the meantime our Fritztrainer has been enhanced and now offers an unparalleled wealth of functions and lots of additional material for your training.

This is what is delivered:
That's what the Fritztrainer app can do for you:
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