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Mega Database 2014

Languages: German, English
ISBN: 978-3-86681-396-0
EAN: 9783866813960
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The exclusive annotated database. Contains more than 5.7 millions games from 1560 to 2013 in the highest ChessBase quality standard. 67,500 games contain commentary from top players, with ChessBase opening classification with more than 100,000 key positions, direct access to players, tournaments, middlegame themes, endgames. The largest topclass annotated database in the world. The most recent games of the database are from the middle of November 2013. Mega 2014 also features a new edition of the playerbase (requires ChessBase 12!). As usual, this is where most of the work was done. As the player index now contains already more than 293,000 entries, it made sense to use an adapted playerbase which includes about 350,000 names. Doing this, the photo database was extended as well to contain 33,000 pictures now.

Incl. Online Mega-Update 2014: With ChessBase 11 or 12 you can download games for Mega 2014 for the whole year, a total of approximately 200,000! That means your Mega 2014 will remain up to date from January to December.

System requirements

1 GHz Pentium PC, Windows 8, Windows 7/Vista/XP, 512 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, ChessBase 11 or 12, Internet connection required for online updates.

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