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Better Chess – with a voucher! Do you think that friends and relations could play better if only they had the right training? Or do you want to treat a chess friend to a little present? Just give them a ChessBase voucher. They will be happy, they will know what they want and they can take their time to browse the ChessBase shop. ChessBase vouchers can be purchased in the ChessBase shop – immediately. Order, print the pdf-file and turn it into a present. That’s all!

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ChessBase 12 - Download
From club players to World Champions - ChessBase 12 is every ambitious chess player’s Swiss army knife. The latest version leaves the competition in the starting blocks thanks to 64-bit capability and a host of innovative analysis and training features.
ChessBase Magazine Extra 153
Extra 153, with more than 24,000 current games and three classics: Dejan Bojkov, Larence Trent and Robert Ris present on video the fantastic duels Larsen-Stahlberg (Copenhagen 1958), Trent-Hebden, (London 2006) and Nezhmetdinov-Chernikov (Rostov 1962)
ChessBase Magazine 156
Four top-class events: FIDE World Cup (Tromsø), Biel, Dortmund, FIDE Grand-Prix (Beijing). Kramnik, Andreikin, Vachier-Lagrave, Adams and others annotate their best games. NEW: Daniel King’s "Move by Move" as interactive video. 11 topical opening articles