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Bei Anruf Matt! (Dial M for Mate)

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Olga, a young attractive woman, is living a sad life at the side of her husband, the mediocre Bobby Imbergh. While she is longing for tenderness and attention, he is only interested in chess. During a tournament in Switzerland he has to face the world-class player Boris Fjodorewich. Although preparing intensively, deep inside Bobby Grimbergh knows that he is going to lose this game too, like all others before. Thereupon his wife decides to take matters into her hands, making a plan which will not only help her husband to achieve his first victory but also  to get rid of all private worries. A film which will set many a chess player thinking.

Languages: German
ISBN: 978-3-86681-067-9
EAN: 9783866810679
Published:Jan 2001
Delivery: Postal Delivery
Level: Any
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