6.Bg5 in the Sämisch Variation of the King's Indian

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There are many supposedly promising systems to play against the King's Indian and so the question arises: which one to choose? However, once one comes to actually play these good ideas, it becomes obvious that it is not so simple after all. The elastic King's Indian continues to offer dangerous counterplay and resists all attempts at refutation. The suggestion of the Sämisch Variation with 6.Bg5 is put before you on this 60 mins video. White's system is active, relatively easy to play, cramping and full of variety. White builds up systematically behind the rock-like Sämisch pawn formation and can play on either side of the board according to Black's reaction. Black does not have the same range of responses as he does against 6.Be3 so he is to a degree being limited. Last but not least, 6.Bg5 always leads to a complex, interesting position. It can be recommended!

Advanced Tournament player
Apr 2012
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