Nimzo Indian 4.f3 and Sämisch Variation

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The Nimzo Indian is one of Black's most popular and reliable openings. White strives for an opening advantage and interesting, rich positions with ample room for creativity. It is often a good idea to avoid the well trodden paths. Thus, the variations 4.f3 and the Sämisch, which are presented on this CD, are ideally suited to fight the Nimzo Indian. They usually give rise to sharp, unbalanced positions with chances for both sides. In the past, players such as Botvinnik, Bronstein, Geller, Spassky have used these systems successfully, while today e.g. Shirov and Jussupow play these lines with success. On this CD grandmaster Vadim Milov presents the most important ideas and lines of this opening. Ten introductory texts with links to the most important games explain the basic ideas and variations. Numerous proposals improve today's theory while 68 games annotated by Milov offer additional information and advice. A training database invites you to test your acquired knowledge.

Jan 2001
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