Rossolimo-Moscow Powerbase 2020

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The 575 selected annotated games offer outstanding material for study. Top players such as Adams (3 annotated games), Adhiban (1), Anand (1), Carlsen (1), Caruana (4), Duda (2), Firouzja (1), Gelfand (2), Heine Nielsen (1), Ponomariov (1), Radjabov (5) and So (1) have contributed analyses; the lion’s share of the annotated games come from Sicilian experts Lev Psakhis (73), Alexander Finkel (58) and Michael Roiz (31). There is a total of 8111 games in which the average rating of the players is at least 2525 (except for games with commentary by experts).

System: Windows 7 or higher
Published:Jan 2020
Delivery: Download
Level: Any
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