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There are few opening systems which have been undergoing such a fast and furious renaissance as the 6.Bg5 Variation of the Najdorf System. Inspired by Radjabov’s victories over Anand and Karjakin in 2006, a great number of games have been played since then, meaning that the theory has developed enormously. But even before then it stretched to such distant horizons that makes it all the more important to have someone who can explain the ideas which underlie the variations. That is exactly what Alexei Shirov does on his DVD. His explanations are all the more valuable because they are delivered by a player who himself has been responsible for developing the theory of the Najdorf. The author also makes use of games played by others in lines where he himself has not played any. Video running time: more than 5 hours

Languages: English
ISBN: 978-3-86681-167-6
EAN: 9783866811676
System: Windows 7 or higher
Published:Jan 2001
Delivery: Download, Postal Delivery
Level: Advanced Tournament player Professional
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