Smart by Chess - The King’s Plan for Kids

Chess strategies for school and life

An innovative compendium for trainers, teachers and parents with 16 chess lessons from the movement of the pieces to the first mating tasks. Plus exciting stories, practice games, "brain jogging" and vivid metaphors. Plus: holistic exercises such as "chess yoga". With videos. Published in the new interactive, web-based ChessBase eBook format.

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More than 50 studies worldwide show how much schoolchildren benefit from good chess training. Many successful entrepreneurs and scientists report how much the skills they learnt in chess have helped them in their careers. More than 20 years ago, this led to the dream of a globally unique project: analysing the best thinking and mental strategies of chess grandmasters resulted in a practical and effective strategy model for planning and decision-making - the "King's Plan"!

Initially, the "King's Plan for children" was only designed for managers, but today we also use chess to teach primary school children simple thinking structures in a playful way that they can use in their everyday school life, be it when solving the next maths problem or when under stress in the school playground.

With "King's Plan ;, a compendium has now been created that offers a guide and curriculum for coaches, teachers and parents. Chess lessons that build on each other, exciting stories, entertaining practice games, "brain jogging" and vivid metaphors awaken children's enthusiasm for chess. Holistic exercises such as "chess yoga", which also involve the body, round off the programme. You also get access to lovingly designed videos from the Munich Chess Foundation.

In the new web-based ChessBase eBook format. Reading sample. Lesson 2 The king

This is what the "King's Plan for Children" offers:

  • 16 lessons in the web-based ChessBase eBook format
  • Innovative concept: chess + useful thinking strategies for children
  • Lovely illustrations 27 King's Plan games
  • 6 video clips on the moves of the pieces (approx. 20 min)
  • Chess yoga: instructional text and introductory video (approx. 3 min)
  • nteractive exercises: Execution of moves on the chess diagram possible
  • For some chess diagrams an engine can optionally be switched on
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