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The opening known as the Scotch Game owes its name to a correspondence match played between the cities of Edinburgh and London between 1824 and 1828. In it, however, the Scots first had the black pieces and lost to 3.d4, but later took their revenge by successfully opening with 3.d4 with the white pieces. At the start of the 20th century interest in this direct method of play had noticeably waned, but then in 1990 no less a player than Garry Kasparov opened with the Scotch Game in the 14th game of his WCh match (Lyon/New York) against Anatoly Karpov at a moment when the scores were level. This brought the sleeping beauty of an opening back to life. This game was in fact drawn, but in his next game with White Kasparov repeated his “experiment” – and this time he was successful. The result was a boom in the Scotch. A whole host of top players rushed into the variation and what the day before had been considered old-fashioned was suddenly chic and modern.

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The Scotch game
The Scotch game
Loren ipsum. Loren ipsum. Loren ipsum. Loren ipsum.
por Nigel Davies
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The Two Knights - A tricky repertoire for White
The Two Knights - A tricky repertoire for White
Una variante muy aguda que grandes maestros como Evgeny Sveshnikov han usado con frecuencia con muy buenos resultados. Perfecta para jugadores de club, ya que es relativamente fácil de aprender y contiene muchas celadas.
por Andrew Martin
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