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English Opening Powerbook 2019

It is not difficult to find good arguments for the English Opening. If Black plays 1...e5, then you have the Sicilian with reversed colours, but with an extra tempo for White. The symmetrical move 1...c5 further concedes to White a tempo for the attack and thus the initiative. For all the great players in the history of chess the English Opening formed a part of their repertoire.

The English Powerbook 2019 is based above all on 472 000 games from the engine room of Playchess, with an additional 62 000 games played by humans. The threshold for admission to the Powerbook of an average of 2450 for both players guarantees that the statistics will be of high quality. But what makes the Powerbook so valuable is that with a little searching you can find beautiful secret variations. For example, 1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.Nf3 Nc6 and then 4.e4!?; then the typical follow-up moves are 4...Bb4 5.d3 d6.

Now it is true that in the case of humans one can spot a slight trend to 6.a3, but there are not yet 100 games in Mega and 6.g3 is played much more. In our Powerbook, however, 6.a3 is the top move with 8279 games and a performance level 50 rating points above the average of players with White.

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