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The threshold for inclusion in the database is high - over 2585 elo-points on average. The 492 selected annotated games provide excellent study material. Top players such as Carlsen (2 annotated games), Adams (1), Anand (2), Aronian (1), Duda (1), Giri (3), Kasimdzhanov (1), Kramnik (1), Navara (2), Ponomariov (1), Radjabov (2), So (1), Vidit (4), Vitiugov (2) Wojtaszek (1) and Yu Yangyi (2) have analysed their games, plus commentaries by Nimzo-indian experts such as Krasenkow (93), Wells (69), Postny (30) and other top-class authors.

There are many world-class Nimzo-indian specialists, all of whom have played the opening with both colours. World Champion Magnus Carlsen has 156 games, 92 of them with White. As in the Mega database as a whole, Viktor Korchnoi also has the most games in the Nimzo-Indian Powerbase, namely 374, 176 of them with Black. There are 9222 games in total, with a rating average of at least 2585 (excluding games with commentaries and the Nimzo-Indian experts Karpov, Korchnoi and I. Sokolov).

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mar. 2022
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