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  • Fabiano Caruana, the "king of Bucharest", analyses his win against Ponormariov. More annotated games by Wang Hao and Nisipeanu.
  • Sinquefield-Cup Saint Louis: Magnus Carlsens last staging post before the wch-match. All important games from this top-class event with in-depth analysis.
  • The two winners of the FIDE Grand-Prix in Paris, Caruana und Gelfand, each comment on one of their best games. Large opening survey by Mihail Marin.
  • European Club Cup: Wojtaszek, Laznicka and Bartel from the vicrorious team Novy Bor have annotated games.
  • NEW! Interactive video training: Daniel King „Move by Move“, Oliver Reeh “Tactics", and Karsten Müller „Endgame“ offer feedback to your ideas!
  • 12 new opening articles - see below!
Allemand, Anglais
Joueur de tournoi Professionnel
nov. 2013
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