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Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2021

The Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2021 is a comprehensive special book with which you can check your opening lines and set out on a search for promising additions to your repertoire. For this new edition of the Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2021 once again only games from the engine room of playcess.com were used. The enormous total of 2.23 million Ruy Lopez games allows for meaningful statistical analyses not only for the main lines but also for numerous side variations. A must for all Ruy Lopez players! The Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2021 is an opening book which you can use with your Fritz or ChessBase program. It does not contain a database – i.e. no games are supplied with it.

The Marshall Attack is analysed so deeply that it can be reckoned to be a reliable drawing weapon for Black, that is especially true in the engine room. To avoid it 6.d3 b5 7.Bb3 is becoming more and more popular (after...a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7).

Somewhat surprisingly there is now in the engine room a clear preference for 7...Bb7, whereas in humanoid chess 7...d6 is the move of the top players and also clearly the most frequently played. The Powerbook allows interesting studies with the bishop move.

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