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Countering the Reti with 1...d5 and 2...Nd7

The Reti is one of the most flexible openings for White. It starts with 1.Nf3. With this move White is temporarily giving up the centre to strike back later. Normally only allowing one pawn in the centre. With the move 1…d5 we put one pawn in the centre. With the move 2…Nd7 we are threatning …e5 and putting a second pawn in the centre. It already gives White a difficult choice. The only move to prevent …e5 is 3.d4, but this is a move White normally doesn’t want to play. Most Reti players want to play with c4, d3 and sometimes even try to break with e4. Basically the strategy is to put the pawns on the light squares. From this perspective 2…Nd7 is extremely annoying. White has to give up on the centre or play 3.d4. In this DVD IM Nico Zwirs will show how you have to play against both scenario’s. It is easy to learn and based on standard principles.


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  • Introduction
  • Theory
  • 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 Nd7
  • 3.c4
  • 3.Bg2
  • 3.d4
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