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12 training web apps for playing, training and analysing.
Whether at the airport, in the hotel or at home on your sofa: with your ChessBase Account you have access to the whole ChessBase world at any time: the new ChessBase media centre, tactics training, the Openings app, Live Database, LIVE-Chess, Online-Fritz, studies and web access to playchess.com – it’s a full ChessBase portal directly from your web browser. All you need is Internet and a modern browser, whether on an iPad, tablet, with Mac, Windows, Android or Linux system!

Playchess.com – the ultimate chess experience

On "Playchess" many thousands of chess friends from all over the world meet every day, so you can be sure to find an opponent to flex your playing muscles immediately! Or watch grandmaster games and world-class tournaments.


Over 60,000 training positions await you, ranging from one-movers to more demanding puzzles with strategic solutions. Every motif and trick is featured in this collection, including some that could appear in your very next game.

LIVE-Chess, World Class Chess, every day, live

Watch world class tournaments, follow Carlsen, Anand and co. live when they fight for titles, triumphs and records, chat with other chess fans, and follow the most important games, all on one screen: the playchess.com multi-board!

VIDEO – Private Master Class

Let masters and grandmasters show you how to correctly start your games, calculate variations, outplay your opponent or grind out the win with exceptional technique! The Chess Media System, complete with a synchronized board for displaying games, was made for chess coaching – and is a great deal of fun to boot!

LIVE Database - 8 Million games online

The Live Database is updated every week with the latest games from across the world. You don’t need to worry about what would otherwise be a very time-consuming process: adding the latest games, editing, avoiding doubles. ChessBase takes care of database maintenance for you. The Live Database grows by over 200,000 games every year – without your doing a thing!

Fritz online – real fun against a chess program

Fritz is the world’s first chess program to run in a browser, so no installation required! Fancy a game against our silicon monster? Just open your web browser – one click is all it takes to start playing or analyzing, with no hassle.

Openings – Learn openings the right way

How do you best learn new openings and set about training for them? Where can you save the variations and keep everything up-to-date? What is the best way to memorize the moves and ideas so that you are able to recall them at the board without hesitation? These are the most important practical questions for every active chess player.

My Games Cloud – access your games from everywhere

MyGames is a cloud feature from ChessBase – load games in a matter of seconds and play them back at your leisure. All you need to do is login to “MyGames” and all of your games are there, just where you left them – including those from Playchess.com! Play through your games with other players or teammates, or let Fritz or another cloud-based engine help you search for improvements in your play!

PLAYERS – search and find!

Who are the best players in the world? What are their current ratings? What do the players look like? The ChessBase Online Player Database answers all these questions and many more! You can browse through 570,000 chess player profiles and 40,000 images!

STUDIES – The most beautiful compositions

Currently the app contains 9029 studies. The positions have been constructed by study composer specialists like Sam Loyd and Alexei Troitzky. The aim of the app is to let the user solve, replay and analyse the studies. It also includes a feedback mode, and the option to download the positions as a pgn.

QUIZ – who hast he highest Quiz Elo?

The Chess Quiz app challenges your chess knowledge and asks you questions about history, culture, famous and less famous chess personalities, trivia, openings, chess events from the past and present, etc.

Schach.de - play better by playing!

Here you can learn to play chess, quickly and easily. Rules of the game. How do the pieces move? What are good tactics? How do you checkmate? Start now and learn how to beat other hobby players.