Dutch Defence Powerbook 2023

For the Dutch Defence Powerbook 2023 a minimum rating of 2350 was set. This threshold was passed by 34 000 games from Mega and correspondence chess, to which have been added 77 000 games from the engine room of playchess.com, in total over 111 000 games. From Black’s point of view the Dutch has the advantage that there is no symmetry and nor need one fear forced drawing variations either. On the other hand, the risk must not be under-estimated – moving the f-pawn weakens the black kingside, which can play a role in the long term. But this is counter-balanced by the chance of being able to fight for the initiative straight away. For that there are actually three Dutch Defences: the Leningrad Variation, the Stonewall and the Classical System with e6 and d6.

If in the Stonewall White always plays the main moves (1.d4 f5 2.c4 Nf6 3.Nf3 e6 4.g3 d5 5.Bg2 c6 6.0-0 Bd6 7.b3 Qe7 8.Bb2 0-0 9.Nbd2 b6 10.Ne5 Bb7),

 then after 11.Rc1 a5 he has between little and nothing at all. So where are the promising alternatives? Putting the knight on h3 has certain advantages, but anyone who has already played Nf3 in the first moves can no longer do that. But good statistics are also promised by 7.Nc3 0-0

White does not protect the c4-pawn at all, his plan being Qc2, Rb1, b4 (if needed with a3) and here the statistics are indubitably in White’s favour.

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