How to play the Ruy Lopez with Qe2

To avoid theory battles in well-known lines against Ruy Lopez (Berlin, Open Variation or the Marshall Attack), Sergey Tiviakov invites you into the world of an extraordinary early queen move for White: Qe2 – elegant, effective and easy to learn!

The following variations are covered on the DVD: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.Qe2, 3...a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.Qe2 and 5.0-0 Be7 6.Qe2 (Worral Attack). Sergey Tiviakov himself has employed his pet line, the development of the white queen to e2, since the age of 6 – this means 40 y ears of experience, transferred into 5 hours of video! The DVD is based mostly on Tiviakov’s own games and his life-long experience with Qe2 in the Ruy Lopez. Studying the rich material, you will be able to lead your opponent into unknown territory for him, with good chances to score just as successfully as the author himself!

• Video running time: 6 hours 30 min (English)
• With interactive training including video feedback
• Extra: Further Training chapter with repertoire and play features


This is what is delivered:

  • Fritztrainer App for Windows and Mac
  • Available as download or on DVD
  • Video course with a running time of approx. 4-8 hrs.
  • Repertoire database: save and integrate Fritztrainer games into your own repertoire (in WebApp Opening or in ChessBase)
  • Interactive exercises with video feedback: the authors present exercises and key positions, the user has to enter the solution. With video feedback (also on mistakes) and further explanations.
  • Sample games as a ChessBase database.
  • New: many Fritztrainer now also available as stream in the ChessBase video portal!

That's what the FritzTrainer App can do for you:

  • Videos can run in the Fritztrainer app or in the ChessBase program with board graphics, notation and a large function bar
  • Analysis engine can be switched on at any time
  • Video pause for manual navigation and analysis in game notation
  • Input of your own variations, engine analysis, with storage in the game
  • Learn variations: view specific lines in the ChessBase WebApp Opening with autoplay, memorize variations and practise transformation (initial position - final position).
  • Active opening training: selected opening positions are transferred to the ChessBase WebApp Fritz-online. In a match against Fritz you test your new knowledge and actively play the new opening.

Even more possibilities: Start FritzTrainer in the ChessBase program!

  • The database with all games and analyses can be opened directly.
  • Games can be easily added to the opening reference.
  • Direct evaluation with game reference, games can be replayed on the analysis board
  • Your own variations are saved and can be added to the own repertoire
  • Replay training
  • LiveBook active
  • All engines installed in ChessBase can be started for the analysis
  • Assisted Analysis
  • Print notation and diagrams (for worksheets)

Sample video


  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • 3...Nf6 4.Qe2
  • Description
  • 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.Qe2
  • Rarer Lines 4...a6/Bd6
  • 4...Bd6 5.c3 0-0 6.d3 Re8 7.Bg5 Be7 8.Nbd2 d6 - Tiviakov vs Malakhov
  • 4...Be7
  • 4...Bc5
  • 3...a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.Qe2
  • Description
  • 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.Qe2
  • 5...Qe7/Bd6
  • 5...d6
  • 5...Bc5
  • 5...Be7
  • 5...b5 6.Bb3 Na5/d6
  • 6...Be7 7.a4
  • 6...Be7 7.c3 d6/d5
  • 6...Be7 7.c3 0-0
  • 6...Bc5 7.a4/c3 Part 1
  • 6...Bc5 7.a4/c3 Part 2
  • 3...a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7 6.Qe2
  • Description
  • 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7 6.Qe2
  • 6...d6
  • 6...b5 7.Bb3 Bb7/d6
  • 6...b5 7.Bb3 0-0 8.c3 d6 Part 1
  • 6...b5 7.Bb3 0-0 8.c3 d6 Part 2
  • 6...b5 7.Bb3 0-0 8.c3 d5 9.d3 d4/Qd6/dxe4
  • 6...b5 7.Bb3 0-0 8.c3 d5 9.d3 Re8/Bb7
  • Conclusion
  • Exercises 1-10
  • Description
  • Excercise 01
  • Excercise 02
  • Excercise 03
  • Excercise 04
  • Excercise 05
  • Excercise 06
  • Excercise 07
  • Excercise 08
  • Excercise 09
  • Excercise 10
  • Exercises 11-20
  • Description
  • Exercise 11
  • Exercise 12
  • Exercise 13
  • Exercise 14
  • Exercise 15
  • Exercise 16
  • Exercise 17
  • Exercise 18
  • Exercise 19
  • Exercise 20
  • Exercises 21-30
  • Description
  • Exercise 21
  • Exercise 22
  • Exercise 23
  • Exercise 24
  • Exercise 25
  • Exercise 26
  • Exercise 27
  • Exercise 28
  • Exercise 29
  • Exercise 30
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