What does a chess player need? A playing partner, a trainer, a chess library and online chess! FRITZ, the "most popular German chess program" (Der Spiegel), offers exactly that for beginners and tournament players: an opponent of the highest level, practice and training functions for all game phases, database functions for managing and analysing your own games, training WebApps with the online chess platform playchess.com. FRITZ is the entry into the ChessBase world. FRITZ trains you for the serious case at the board and is a lot of fun!

No other chess program has fascinated the chess world more! The 2006 match against Vladimir Kramnik in Bonn is unforgettable: FRITZ defeated the world chess champion 4:2. Millions of chess fans all over the world followed the games. FRITZ also caused a sensation in the years before: in 1995, FRITZ defeated Garry Kasparov in the current sports studio, and in 1999 the Russian cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev played against FRITZ on the MIR space station.

Even today, FRITZ and FAT FRITZ are among the world's strongest chess programs. But in the meantime they have become absolutely unbeatable for humans. With the unimaginable Elo rating of 3531 points, FAT FRITZ is about 650 Elo points ahead of chess world champion Magnus Carlsen.

No chess program offers more functions: the online manual comprises over 450 pages! But you don't really need all this help: FRITZ can be operated intuitively. You just click on what you want to do, e.g. play, analysis, online chess, and FRITZ opens a clearly arranged app with exactly the functions you need.

What Fritz can do?
Help in the game
Opening Book & LiveBook
Opening training
Tactics training
Endgame training

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