Regina Theissl-Pokorna

Regina Theissl-Pokorna, currently the #1 female chess-player in Austria, is a Woman Grandmaster who enjoyed early success in European and World youth championships. She participated in several chess Olympiads, and her highest ELO rating was 2429 in 2003. Her grandest achievements were 1st place at the European Team Championship and victory at Junior G20 in 1999. In 2015, she moved from the Slovak to the Austrian Chess Federation. Theissl-Pokorna is Chair of the Women‘s Commission of the European Chess Union and is strongly committed to promoting girls’ and women’s chess in Europe.

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Time Management in Chess
Time Management in Chess
In this video course, I’d like to assist you with handling time management during your game. How to avoid it, and how to react when you’ve no other choice.
by Regina Theissl-Pokorna
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