Four Knights Game

Compared to the advice often given to beginners “develop the knights before the bishops” the Four Knights Game must actually look like the ideal opening. It was also very popular at the start of the 20th century, but then it lost many of its adherents on account of Rubinstein’s gambit continuation 4.Bb5 Nd4. Interest in it was not re-awakened until the 1990s when the English grandmasters John Nunn and Nigel Short took up the opening.

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Secret weapon four knights game
Secret weapon four knights game
Simple, but deadly. It may not look like it, but the Four Knights packs a punch – and games are often marked by Black underestimating the potential held by White’s play. FM Lilov shows you just how powerful and flexible this opening can be.
by Valeri Lilov
The Scotch Game
The Scotch Game
by Nigel Davies