Vienna Game

The Vienna Game, analysed in the mid 19th century by a group of Viennese chessplayers, was often played in tournaments by Wilhelm Steinitz (1836–1900), Jacques Mieses (1865– 1954) and Rudolf Spielmann (1883–1942). With 2.Nc3, White first makes a useful developing move, which, in contrast to 2.Nf3 does not block his f-pawn. That allows him more flexibility in his kingside setup. Black usually replies 2...Nc6 or 2...Nf6, when White finds himself with three different continuations:

  1. Sharpening the game with 3.f2-f4;
  2. Development with Bc4 and d3. His future setup will be determined by Black’s plan;
  3. The fianchetto of the king’s bishop (g3, Bg2).

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