Rossolimo Variation

Today the Rossolimo Variation is the most important option for White after 2...Nc6 if he does not want to open up the centre at once with 3.d4. Born in Kiev, Nicolas Rossolimo (1910–1975) who went on to live in France and in the USA, played the move successfully in various tournaments from the late 1940s on. In recent years, 3.Bb5 was above all popular as an anti-Sveshnikov weapon. If White is inclined to play 3.d4, he has no good way to deviate from the move order of the Sveshnikov. This led to those players who did not like going in for sharp and long theoretical variations giving their preference to 3.Bb5.

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The Sicilian Rossolimo for White
The Sicilian with 3.Bb5
The Sicilian with 3.Bb5
by Alexei Shirov
An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire
An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire
by Loek van Wely
A Repertoire against the Sicilian
A Repertoire against the Sicilian
Avoid long theoretical battles by playing 3.Bb5 or 3.b3/3.g3 against the sicilian. Lorin D’Costa and Nick Murphy show you, how you play for an advantage in these systems and how to punish knowledge gaps of your opponent.
by Lorin D'Costa, Nick Murphy