1.d4 - a classical repertoire for White

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This DVD by Lubomir Ftacnik is an ambitious project, presenting a comprehensive set of ideas and structures in chess openings, arising after the first move 1.d4. In 34 videos (plus intro and conclusion) the author covers all 1.d4 openings - classical ones, like all Queen’s Gambit lines and the Indian defences, but also many interesting gambits, like the Benko, Blumenfeld and Budapest. The suggested choices are approved and active, but also safe for the first player. Many hours of explanations and suggestions will significantly shorten the time needed for building up a complete and workable set of opening weapons, usually called a repertoire.

Languages: German, English
ISBN: 978-3-86681-190-4
EAN: 9783866811904
System: Windows 7 or higher
Published:Jul 2010
Delivery: Download, Postal Delivery
Level: Tournament player Professional
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