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Try out ChessBase Magazine now and secure your voucher! Order the ChessBase Magazine taster package! Read ChessBase Magazine for 6 months (= 3 issues) for the special price of only 49.90 € (instead of 59,85 € for buying them individually). In addition you will receive a 10 EUR voucher for the ChessBase online shop! Overall you save over 35% with the taster package. (This offer is only valid for new subscribers; only one taster package is allowed per person per calendar year.)

The magazine for professional chess

Many annotated games as well as videos in Fritztrainer format from top players such as Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Caruana, Aronian, Gelfand, Karjakin, Kamksy, Radjabov and Shirov.

In every issue 11 to 15 opening reports from top class authors. What is really essential about every subject is explained in compact form. The opening surveys consist of an introduction and several annotated games in which the authors treat the subject in a way which is both of a high level and yet user-friendly.

Tactics: Bundesliga player Oliver Reeh selects nice tactical exercises from the latest tournaments and you can see how you measure up against the clock. In addition, on a video the author offers you a deeper insight into the way combinations arise and how to find them.

Strategy: GM Dorian Rogozenco explains the baic ideas of a strategical motif in a video and provides a traning database on the subject with several training tasks.

Endgames: Hamburg Grandmaster Karsten Müller is acclaimed worldwide as one of the greatest experts in the endgame. In his contributions he analyses the most interesting endgames of the previous two months and demonstrates in video format the most beautiful endings.

The opening trap: Editor in chief and Grandmaster Rainer Knaak presents a subtle opening trap in every issue.

And the best of all: You save on the ready cash. The ChessBase Magazine subscription costs approx. 20% less than buying the individual issues.

Act now and get your 10 € voucher for the ChessBase Shop!




Programmed to win with ChessBase Magazine

Interactive and efficient. That is the trademark of the newly developed Fritz-Trainer-Format which was introduced with ChessBase Magazine #154 in June 2013. The new training concept brings two major improvements over the previous video format: 

  • The spectator is drawn actively into the training process, i.e. he or she is challenged to reply to a training question by entering the move which is the solution. It is only when that has been done that the training continues.
  • There is feedback for every move entered, either in the form of a confirmation or in the form of a challenge to have another try. And if you have only found the second best move, there is frequently some comment about your idea.

One of the first authors to make use of this new format to help you in your work is Daniel King. For his “Move by Move” column, the English player always prepares a complete game  for training purposes.

In ChessBase Magazine #155 it is the King’s Indian game Eljanov-Baryshpolets (Kiev 2013) which is up for discussion. The trainee always has to put himself or herself in the position of the winner and find the latter’s moves. King’s trademark: instead of only dealing with the best move, a lot of plausible alternatives are also explained, sometimes including wrong moves. It is also nice to find one of the variant moves – you then learn why the move you have chosen is not so strong, thus widening your chess horizons more than by simply finding the move in the game. In addition you still have the chance to get the right answer by clicking on “Try again”.

Now it's up to you to find the right moves! Enjoy the new video training format with GM Daniel King and IM Oiver Reeh!


Free opening survey - download a sample! 

Leonid Kritz: "Strange - as early as move 3" - Sicilian B30: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Na5

With the line 3...Na5 the German GM Leonid Kritz presents you a repertoire idea against the popular Rossolimo Variation. With this strange knight move Black avoids the doubling of his c-pawns. White also has to waste time because his Bb5 is not optimally placed. In the ideal case, Black can later move his Na5 to c4.

How should White react to the bizarre knight move? What are the practical prospects for Black in this line?

Download the opening survey for free (CBV file for ChessBase 12/Fritz 13)...

Load extract from CBM 155 (pdf)...















6 months subscription. It is automatically renewed if no notice of cancellation has been given by either party at least one month prior to renewal.

* Bonus for new subscribers only! If you order a digital subscription you will receive the voucher key right with your order confirmation by e-mail.

**  Special price for Megadatabase 2018 only for those subscriptions which started before September 01, 2017.

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