ChessBase Magazine 149

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World Champion Vishy Anand successfully defended his title for the third time. But against Boris Gelfand it was closer than ever before. The WCh match in Moscow - with, e.g., analysis by the challenger - constitutes the main theme of this issue. The WCh special on the DVD: Anand's second Rustam Kasimdzhanov reports on the match in an extensive video interview and gives you information about all the games. The second elite tournament in this issue also took place in Moscow. At the Tal Memorial Magnus Carlsen came out ahead once more after a tournament in which the lead kept changing. On the DVD Gelfand, Caruana, Radjabov and Andreikin (e.g.) annotate their best games. In addition with its 13 openings articles, the DVD offers a whole host of suggestions and discoveries: authors such as Mihail Marin, Michal Krasenkow and Evgeny Postny have contributed articles covering all sorts of openings from the English to the Grünfeld Defence.

German, English
Tournament player Professional
Jul 2012
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