ChessBase Magazine 142 Extra

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• 28.892 edited games played between April and June 2011
 • biggest tournament: EU-ch (Women) 12th, 739 games
 • Leon: Rapidmatch Anand-Shirov
 • Shenzhen Celebrity 1st, 1. Wang Yue
 • FRA-chT Top 12
 • CBM Extra with videos in Fritztrainer format:
 • Adrian Mikhalchishin with a nice idea in the Gruenfeld Defence
 • Nigel Davies presents an own game as addition to his DVD 'Tricks & Traps Vol 1'
 • Valeri Lilov is enthusiastic about a classic game Anderssen-Mayet

Languages: English
Published:Jul 2011
Delivery: Download
Level: Any
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