ChessBase Magazine Extra 155

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• 39.417 games, played between June and August 2013
• biggest tournament: Politiken Cup 35th, 1508 games (1. Negi)
• Geneve Masters Rapid (1. Mamedyarov)
Lillehammer m rapid (1. Carlsen)
• EU-ch (Women) - 1. Hoang Thanh Trang
• CBM Extra with videos in fritztrainer format:
• Adrian Mikhalchishin presents an idea in the Italian Game
• Robert Ris shows another game of Rashid Nezhmetdinov, this time Lev Polugaevsky is his victim
• Valeri Lilov analyses another classic game, here you see the analysis of Tal-Larsen, Bled 1965

German, English
Tournament player Professional
Sep 2013
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