ChessBase Magazine Extra 154

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• 31.924 games, played between April and June 2013
• biggest tournament:
FIDE World Blitz 2013, 899 games (1. Le Quang Liem)
• Norway Masters Blitz (1. Karjakin)
Moscow Tal Memorial Blitz (1. Nakamura)
• FRA-chT (1. Clichy)
• CBM Extra with videos in fritztrainer format:
• Dejan Bojkov presents games played by Bent Larsen, this time Larsen-Suetin, Copenhagen 1965.
• Lawrence Trent has the Trompowsky Attack in his repertoire - like many other English players. He presents another Tromp game from his own practice.
• Valeri Lilov analyses a classic game - Karpov-Spassky, Leningrad 1974.

Languages: German, English
Published:Jul 2013
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Level: Tournament player Professional
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