ChessBase Magazine Extra 150

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• 37.120 games, played between August and October 2012
 • biggest tournament: Istanbul ol (Women), 2706 games (1. Russland vor China)
 • St Petersburg Rapid (1. Dominguez, 2. Svidler)
 • EU-ch U08 bis U18
 • CBM Extra with videos in fritztrainer format:
 • Adrian Mikhalchishin reminds of another big player from the Soviet chess school - Efim Geller
 • Leonid Kritz analyses a classic, this time it's again a game Euwe-Alekhine from the revanche match in 1937
 • Lawrence Trent has the Trompowsky Attack in his repertoire - like many other English players. He presents a Tromp game form his own practice.

German, English
Tournament player Professional
Nov 2012
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