ChessBase Magazine Extra 152

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  • 18.433 games, played between December 2012 and February 2013
  • biggest tournament: TUR-ch, 1621 games (1. Dragan Solak)
  • Rapid chess in Moscow with Karjakin, Grischuk, Nepomniachtchi and Jakovenko
  • Moscow Aeroflot Rapid (1. Karjakin)
  • CBM Extra with videos in fritztrainer format:
  • Dejan Bojkov presents games played by Bent Larsen, this time Larsen-Matanovic, Zagreb 1965
  • Leonid Kritz analyses another classic, this time it's a Queen's Indian game Euwe-Alekhine from the revanche match in 1937
  • Robert Ris has dealt with the games of Rashid Nezhmetdinov. As his first presentation the Dutchman analyses Ciocaltea-Nezhmetdinov, Bucharest 1954.

Languages: German, English
Published:Mar 2013
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Level: Tournament player Professional
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