ChessBase Magazine 145 Extra

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• 10.729  edited games played between november and december 2011
 • biggest tournament: Bogota McGregor op 2nd, 1095 games
 • RUS rapid GP (1st Grischuk)
 • Beijing Sportaccord - rapid, blitz and blindfold
 • CBM Extra
with videos in Fritztrainer format:
 • Leonid Kritz
comments another game Fischer-Tal (Candidates 1959)
 • Dejan Bojkov
presents a Bent Larsen game (Larsen-Donner, Beverwijk 1960)
 • Valeri Lilov
tries to answer the question, where to attack

Languages: German, English
Published:Jan 2012
Delivery: Download
Level: Tournament player Professional
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